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St. Maria with young girlsIn 2005, in honor of the 200th birthday of St. Maria De Mattias, foundress of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, the United States Adorers launched this feature on this website: Children's Liturgy of the Word lesson plans for children kindergarten through grade three. Each week, catechists will find several Sundays worth of readings and Psalm responses taken from the Lectionary for Masses with Children, complemented by prayer, reflection, discussion questions and activities. Please feel free to download these and use them however you wish.

These lessons are created by Adorer-theologians using the lens of the spirituality of St. Maria which also embraces Precious Blood spirituality. While this is the starting point for the lessons, you are invited to approach them however the Spirit moves you.

St. Maria De Mattias was born and baptized in Vallecorsa, Italy, on February 4, 1805. In her home and especially from her father, she learned to pray, to love Scripture and to be open to the action of the Spirit, even as a child.

Her wisdom in daily living, her mystical experiences and the soundness of her simple theology show how grace and nature united in her. She was a woman completely dedicated to God and her "dear neighbor."

In 1834, she founded the congregation of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in Acuto, Italy, a small town in the mountains southeast of Rome. The ministries she chose were works of evangelization and service, especially for women, children and the poor. She wanted to bring about "that beautiful order of things which the great Son of God came to establish in His Blood."

St. Maria died on August 20, 1866. On October 1, 1950 she was beatified by Pope Pius XII. Pope John Paul II canonized her on May 18, 2003.
St. Maria statue with children
St. Maria's drive came from her adoration of Christ crucified. This adoration, for St. Maria and her companions, then and now, is a way of life in which they come to know and share with others God's great love as expressed in all wonders of creation.

Precious Blood spirituality sees the blood of Christ as the ultimate expression of God's love for us. It is redemptive, healing, and reconciling. It forces us to recognize that the same life-force/blood in everyone is the same blood that showed the depth of God's love. This impels us to honor that blood and life in all people and in all creation. It forces us to look outward to those in need. It is about compassion, hope and hospitality.

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